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Colon Cancer: You, Your Family and Your Life

Colon Cancer: You, Your Family and Your Life

What We Must Know and Do

Sharon D. Allison-Ottey, MD (aka Dr. Sharon)

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It is with great sadness that we learned today of yet another victim of colon cancer. The Christian community was rocked by the news of the death of MaLinda Sapp, the wife of the Gospel Icon Pastor Marvin Sapp. In the latest issue of Gospel Today, Rev. Sapp is featured on the cover and in an interview he says that it was his wife that pushed him to record his best selling single,

“Never Would Have Made It”.

It is our hope that these words will comfort hi, his family and the Body of Christ during this time of loss for it will take God’s love and comfort to get them through this season.

The Gardening of Our Lives

My father is a true gardener—a horticulturist as he will proudly inform you. Growing up, our yard was full of beautiful and exotic flowers, trees and utter beauty that my mother had absolutely nothing to do with. Although we lived in North Carolina and the role of the southern woman is often wrapped in the beauty of her home including her flower garden. My mother, a native Floridian, had no interest. She and my father made an untraditional pact early in their marriage that she would handle the cooking and inside details and that he would handle the outside. My father, a large manly man, tenderly nourished his latest floral triumph on a daily basis. He was adamant about planting the proper flower at just the right time, in the right amount of shade. With the precision of a surgeon he would place the seeds or buds in the ground and lovingly watch nature work its magic.

"And They Laughed" Part I of Insights from the Movie, Precious

With great anticipation, a good friend of mine and I went to see the highly acclaimed movie, Precious, written by Sapphire and a Tyler Perry/Oprah Winfrey production.  I had viewed the trailer and saw the actress, Gabourey Sidibe, who portrayed the title character on one of the morning shows and was intrigued.  Further, I had heard the buzz from Sundance with possible Oscar nominations and all of the media that surrounded this film. 

New York Post: Remedy; the Broader Issue-- Money Talks What Will YOU Do?

The cartoon which appeared in the New York Post has incited outrage in many of us (of all races and nationalities)  around the country.  We have taken this issue on with passion and many of African American (AA) leaders have called for boycotts, apologies and other remedies.  However, unfortunately many fail to see the big deal and think that they are "playing the race card", "over reacting" and being a bit too "sensitive". 

Whatever your opinion, this is America and you are allowed to hold that  opinion in the country which I love..  However,  I implore us to look a little deeper into the symbolism and history associated with Black people being compared to animals both consciously and subconsciously. I cannot begin to share the vast amount of historical medical data associated with this imagery and subsequent treatment or lack thereof which many Blacks had to endure as a consequence.  I ask that we wake up and not wait for a "cartoon" or incident to galvinize us to action. 

Wake Up to the Reality of Breast Cancer

In Loving Memory of Betty T. Wooten, a Woman Called to Serve

A personal message from Dr. Sharon:

There is a lot of information about breast cancer and outreach to various communities and indeed in the church, particularly in October which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. However, often we hear the messages so much that we forget the very human faces associated with this disease.