Sharon Denise Allison-Ottey
From My Heart To Yours

“8 in 2008” We Can Do This!


As we begin the New Year, many of us will make resolutions that we know will be a memory by January 5th.  This year, I want us to throw out that foolishness and just commit to "8 for 2008".  These are simple things that can change your life forever!

1.  I WILL take 15 minutes in the morning just for me.  I will take some deep breaths and clear my head without husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, child, parent, or anyone else hanging around. 


2.  I WILL schedule an appointment with my doctor for a full physical exam and I will be prepared to ask questions.


3.  I WILL not let anyone speak negativity into my life.  I will stay strong and positive and get rid of anyone that is not supportive of ME!


4.  I WILL purpose to do something unexpected and good for someone else at least once month.  I will not brag or broadcast my good deeds.


5.  I WILL commit to trying my BEST to exercise at least three times a week, with the goal of making this part of my daily life.


6.  I WILL commit to trying my BEST to kick my junk food, fried food, sodas, fatty/yummy desserts habit.  I will limit myself to two small guilt free splurges a week ONLY if I keep my exercise goals.

7. I WILL spend time each day in prayer and meditation.  I will thank God each day for allowing me to still breathe, be in my right mind and for the measure of health that He's given me. I will pray for others and for this world. I will seek Him first as I seek and work for better health and wholeness.

8.  No matter what my weight, my physical appearance, my education, my income, my family background, my present state in life; I WILL tell myself each and every day that God loves ME, I love ME and I am wonderfully and phenomenally made!  I KNOW that I am a Queen/King and I will walk, talk and be treated like the royalty that I am. 


If you will join me in committing to "8 in 2008", email me at!  You can also visit my website and request a FREE personalized calendar with motivation, health tips and much more.