Sharon Denise Allison-Ottey
From My Heart To Yours

Purpose in the Valley and on the Mountaintop

Purpose, Plan and Pursue!
Sharon Denise Allison-Ottey, MD

I do believe that the measure of a man or woman is most seen in how they survive the valley experiences versus the peaks of the mountaintop. In life, there are challenges and obstacles which are often unforeseen and thrown into your path. It’s easy to lose hope, focus and to shrink into a corner—suck your thumb and give up. Despair is the easy route and no one could really blame you—indeed often people are more comfortable with you depressed and in despair than happy and content. However, you choose the route that you will take—not your circumstances.

The question that demands your answer is that of purpose. Why are you on earth? What do you hope to or aspire to impact? I’m not talking about your newest Mercedes, your new St. John suit or “bauble” from Tiffany’s. These are “things” that have no real value and will easily breakdown, go out of style and can be stolen or lost. I’m talking about the footprint that you will leave on earth; the permanent monuments that speak to your purpose and your impact. Even if you take a hit, albeit a hard hit, do you go into the corner and assume the fetal position? Or do you get up and pursue with more strength and focus than ever? These are the moments that you will leave footprints for others to measure your life--- it’s your choice; how will you move forward? Your destiny hangs in the balance.

I’m ever so reminded that my purpose has nothing to do with my circumstances. My purpose is not dictated by the evil hearts and minds of men and women. My purpose is from the Creator and is divine. Only He can approve my backing up from that purpose. As difficult as life can be, as malicious and vile as people can often be, as torrid the waters of life that I must navigate—my purpose must be the guiding force, the map of which I follow, the light that shines through utter darkness. My purpose dictates my steps and even when I fall off course; it corrects me and puts me back on the path by divine magnet.

I’m challenged and I challenge you to keep moving in your purpose. Yes, it’s hard, unfair, lies and evil abound but remember your circumstances have absolutely nothing to do with your purpose or the footprints which are destined to make in this journey of life. The journey will indeed take you through the valley and the mountaintops but you will not stay at either indefinitely—they balance each other. Purpose, Plan and Pursue in whatever circumstance you are found.