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Top 10 Countdown of What Love is Not

Dr. Sharon's Top 10 Countdown
of What Love is NOT!

10. Love is not DESPARATION and accepting anybody so that you will have somebody.

9. Love is not SETTLING for a piece of a man/woman when you desire a fulfilling relationship.

8. Love is not ONE person doing all the work and the other reaping all the benefits.

7. Love is not BLIND; it sees the lies, the deceptions and the "game".

6. Love is not DEAF; it hears when someone says that they don't love or want you with their mouths or actions.

5. Love is not ENOUGH; you must have respect, commitment and desire.

4. Love is not WORSHIP of the other person. It is mutual admiration, respect and understanding that you're in this together and that you're both human.

3. Love is not OVERWHELMING; you don't lose yourself in love. Love enhances you; it does not make you.

2. Love is not an ORGASM (although it helps). Sex is an important part of a relationship but is not THE relationship.

1. Love does not HURT. There is no punch, kick, slap, physical, mental or verbal abuse that is born out of love.

Bonus: Love does not STALK! Let them go; it ain't cute!Back