Sharon Denise Allison-Ottey
From My Heart To Yours

Why Do People Leave?

Sharon D. Allison-Ottey, MD            

In life there are entrances and exits of people, literally on a daily basis. Lovers, friends, family and just people which are nameless that enters and leaves your life on a daily basis. For the most part we are unaffected—the FedEx delivery guy that gets a new route, a new mail handler in your office, a new aerobics instructor, and the list goes on. However, there are some people that make an entrance whether grandiose or quiet and make a mark in your life that cannot be easily forgotten. They may stay in your life for just an hour but when they leave you miss their presence. We have all had the experience of meeting a familiar stranger… one that you chat with at the airport and find an instant connection. You may exchange numbers/cards but truly know that you will never meet again—but you cherish the time.

There are others that are in your life for days, weeks, months, years, decades and they become part of your very soul’s fabric. When they leave it’s often as if your very heart is ripping as they walk away. We all experience the loss of a husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend or even close friend and this heartbreak is not welcomed but often times accepted after hours, days and even years of healing. However, what about the long-term employee that is more like a family member, what about the best friend that walks away, how do we feel when our family member disowns us and cuts the lines of communication? Why do people leave both physically and emotionally? How do we cope and accept the rejection? How do we allow ourselves to open our hearts for the next person that shall enter?

I believe that each exit is an opportunity for pruning and refinement. There is something in every relationship that teaches you about yourself, your values and your ability to stretch. The exits are the gateway to another entry and in this ever changing life; you must welcome the new visitors to your soul, taste the new experiences and take the challenge of opening up to a new person/relationship. If you don’t dare to open your heart, you can never fully experience life. Be wise, be careful and yes be open to the new experiences that await you which were only made possible by the exit of another.